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This is a place for former students to leave comments about their time at Aston Manor

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Fahmida Khanom

During my time at Aston manor it was absolutely amazing, I could have not asked for a better secondary school and sixthform. I would especially like to thank all the amazing teachers who have taught me they were incredible in terms of the friendliness, teaching and support. I always wish I could go back and do it again and I always talk about my memories about this school. Thank you Aston manor for everything and where I am now it's been a pleasure to be part of this school and I will definitely recommend this school.

Rebecca Hume

I was part of the class of 2008, and I can honestly say I loved every moment of my time at Aston Manor. It was because of the support of my teachers that I managed to get the good grades that I did. I was sorry to leave at the end of my time there, and if they had the sixth form when I finished school, I would have stayed on :)

Emma Sophia

this school is cool u know!!!!

Mark Taylor

aston manor was a roller coaster, ups, downs twists and turns but i got there in the end.. i think ;)

Jalal Ahmed

I was part of the Class of 05', the very best year group ever. I fondly recall my days at AMA and will forever treasure those great memories.

Swallah Abdi

I attended AMA in the year 2004 for only a year or so,it was my first secondary school. i loved my time there, i was involved in alot sports activities and thought it was brilliant the school encouraged us in doing sports.

Travis Dyce

It was Aston Manor School when I started my journey; one that I am still on but with my roots firmly grounded at Aston Manor.

Alima Rahman

The best 5 years of my life! Will cherish every moment spent there forever!

munir mohammed

i had a very nice time at AMA i had the pleasure to study here

Ines Antonio

I have had a brilliant time at AMA so far , I find everyone in the school kind and approachable . Also, i always feel safe in school