Anthology – Collection of the best poetry, writings or pieces of music.

ANTHOLOGY comes from two Ancient Greek words: anthos – a flower, blossom logia – a collection It literally means ‘a collection of flowers’ – but of course it’s used metaphorically. We speak in English of the ‘flower’ of youth, meaning ‘the best’, and of ideas ‘blossoming’, or a plan coming to ‘fruition’. Our language is so full of metaphors referring to nature and plants that we hardly notice them any more – look out for them!

Year 8 UniHoc Tournament @ Holyhead School

Well done to the following Year 8 Girls who took part in the Year 8 UniHoc tournament at Holyhead School on Wednesday 15th October; Miza Nsuenga, Anam Mir, Nikiya Decordova, Sarish Ali, Anisa Kauser, Samaher Ali and Amila Rani. The girls performed exceptionally well and demonstrated great teamwork and determination to finish off as overall runners up in the competition.

Year 11 trip and workshop

On Wednesday 15th October, year 11 Drama students visited the Birmingham Hippodrome theatre to see the amazing musical ‘BLOOD BROTHERS’. While there, we also had the opportunity to meet and talk with one of the stars of the show – Danielle Corlass (Linda).

This was followed up on Thursday, with both year 11 and year 10 Drama and Music students participating in a workshop lead by Michael Southern (Sammy in the West End production) and an amazing Q&A opportunity with international singing star (and currently playing Mrs Johnstone) Maureen Nolan.

This has been an incredible two-day experience, which everyone (staff and pupils) really enjoyed. Our huge thanks to Michael and to Danielle and Ms. Nolan for giving up their time to meet our students – and good look with the rest of the tour on this incredible production.

Schools Direct allocation 2015-16

Aston Manor Academy is pleased to announce 6 places have been allocated to us by the NCTL for Schools Direct teacher trainees. The positions are;

Maths (salaried and unsalaried), Chemistry (salaried), English (unsalaried), Computer Science (unsalaried), Biology (unsalaried).

All of the unsalaried places are subject to a bursary based on the subject and the level of degree received. For further information on finance please visit http://www.education.gov.uk/get-into-teaching/funding/postgraduate-funding

If you would like further information about Schools Direct at Aston Manor, the Schools direct route in general or to arrange a visit, please visit the Schools Direct part of the School website (click on “home”).

Year 11 Cheerleading

Well done to all of the Year 11 girls who took part in the Cheerleading taster session on Wednesday 15th October, the girls experienced a range of routines, fitness drills and stunts which allowed them to experience first-hand the physicality of Cheerleading. Thank you to Maddison’s Cheerleading and Fitness Club who came into deliver the session.

Maddison’s Cheerleading and Fitness Club are looking for anyone interested in Cheerleading (aged 14+) to attend their regular sessions from Monday 10th November starting at 6:15pm at The Lighthouse. For more information please see Miss Pawar or Miss Lowe.

Year 8 Challenge Day – Careers in PE

Well done to ALL Year 8 students who took part in the ‘Careers in PE’ Challenge Day. Students performed exceptionally well and delivered some engaging and creative sporting activities, students also took part in a range of discussion and interactive based tasks focusing on Careers in PE where they explored a range of careers including Sports Journalism, Sports Advertising, Sports Coaching, PE Teaching and a wide range of other areas.

Challenge Day

Students will be exploring their future tomorrow with our ‘career focus’ theme.

A range of speakers will be coming into school to deliver exciting workshops. The information and guidance will enable students to make informed decisions about their future.