Careers Education

Careers Education at Aston Manor Academy is a coherent programme of activities that inform, inspire and motivate young people, preparing them for work and helping them to understand where different education and training choices could take them in the future. (DfE Careers guidance and inspiration in schools. March 2015 page 4). This is delivered throughout KS3, KS4 and KS3 and is specific to each year group.

Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) is a major contributing factor towards the successful transition into the world of work. This is supported by parents, teachers, professionals and advisory agencies and includes information provided by the DfEs statutory guidance. Aston Manor Academy is also guided by the eight benchmarks for delivering good career guidance, as identified in the Gatsby ‘Good Career Guidance’ report.  The aims and objectives are that students feel confident and well informed about their choices and are able to engage proactively in decisions about the pathways they will take now and in the future.

Aston Manor Academy’s Careers Team are dedicated to ensuring students between years 7 and 13 receive independent and impartial careers guidance, developing an embedded culture of high expectations and potential attainment.

All students have direct access to the

Throughout each stage, students experience a host of coherent and progressive programmes, each inspiring and enabling the students to think ambitiously about future careers options.

Key Stage 3

Year 7

Students receive a succession of career lessons delivered through the PSHE programme.   Each student is issued with a careers card (Clear Career Choices).

Students and parents are given access to the U-explore Start website to explore at home and at school.

Students are able to start building an online personal profile, identifying: self-awareness, strengths and interests. Every student is encouraged to use the D28b ICT suit at least three times per term where a careers co-ordinator is available to give support and guidance.

All students also receive inspirational lessons, assemblies and alumni covering career pathways and decision making topics. Visits to Colleges, Universities and various companies, along with visits from professional speakers, plus a host of meaningful and interactive employability workshops.

Year 8 & 9

Throughout year eight students continue to build their individual personal profile through continual interactions, PSHE lessons, visits and workshops, identifying new skills and interests.

At this stage each student, together with their parents and guardians choose their GCSE options. Students are given lots of information via assemblies, option evening and during curriculum time to understand how GCSE subjects relate to careers paths and employment.

Students are encouraged to visit various current career and labour market centred websites including Plotr, Barclay’s Life Skills and Tomorrows Engineers.

Students at Aston Manor Academy are also given access to a well-stocked resource library where a careers co-ordinator is available to give support and guidance. From year 8 onwards students are given one to one advice and support from the Careers Adviser, which is tailored to meet the needs of each student and is committed to the schools mission statement and ethos.

All of year nine are briefed about the career, labour market and post 16 expectations.

Key Stage 4

Year 10 and 11 encounter another important stage of transition. Students are working hard towards GCSE exams, revision classes and assessments. All year 11 students receive an interview with the Career Adviser where students are encouraged to develop their own Action Plan.

Throughout September each year 10 students will also be interviewed by a career’s co-ordinator. These interviews are conducted in order to gain students career aspiration data and giving them and parents information and support for the coming year. Appendix 2.

At this stage, student’s can also expect weekly briefings relating to future careers, CV writing, Mock Interviews and Work Experience.

A variety of workshops and assemblies are held aimed at building self-esteem, confidence and aspirations for the future including CV writing and Interview techniques in preparation for mock interviews and post 16.

Mock interviews are facilitated by inspiring professionals and friends of the school and are held each year on Moving Forward Day in June

A structured work experience programme takes place within the first two weeks of July for both year 10 and 12 students.  All year 10 students engage in a two-week placement, and year 12, a one week programme. Students are encouraged to find their own placements following their own destination plan within a working environment.

Information for Parents.

Helping your child with career decisions:                /resources/information-for-parents

Future study options, current careers labour market:       U-explore

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