House Competitions

Welcome to the new house system, points from every competition are collated and displayed below. At the end of the year the house that achieves the most points wins the reward for every pupil in that house. Individual awards can also be won for the pupil who gains the most points for the house each term and house stickers carry points that can be used the same as Tric stickers. House stickers are awarded to anybody who participates in a house competition.

If there are any competitions you want, please speak to the house representatives in your year group or speak to me directly. House competitions will run all year in varying forms across all subjects, the last week in each term will also be dedicated to house competitions in your PE lessons. There will be a newsletter documenting the different competitions and highlighting the pupils who have performed exceptionally.

If you have any questions, ideas or would like to be involved please come and find me in the PE department,

Mr Tully :)

First place = 3 points

Second Place = 2 points

Third place = 1 point

In the event that a competition is a draw, houses will receive the same amount of points!

Click here for results from 2016 – 2017.

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HOUSES Lux Aqua Ventus
Roald Dahl competition. 2 3 1
Staff Physical October 1 1 3
Staff Quiz October 1 3 2
CD cover design 3 2 1
Year 7 Girls Dodgeball 3 1 2
Year 7 House football tournament 2 3 1
TOTAL 12 13 10