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11th November 2020

Dear parents/carers,

Current circumstances have proved to be very challenging for all schools, particularly those within our local area where there has been a spike in cases. Birmingham is a high alert area and transmission rates remain high, and the country remains in national lockdown until 2nd December in a bid to decrease the transmission rates.

We have had a number of cases within school, and Public Health England have confirmed that we are following all advice and guidance with regard to contact tracing and positive cases which inevitably means that we have both staff and students self-isolating for the required 14 day period, this ultimately impacts on the ‘normal’ running of the school.

In order to continue to provide a full education for all our students we will be utilizing a blended approach to teaching and learning, meaning that we will be implementing a rota system for Years 8, 9 and 10 up until 20th November. We aim to keep Year 11 and 13 in school as much as possible as GCSE exams and A-Level exams are still expected to take place this summer.

Our online learning on TEAMS has been set up to allow all students to access their usual lessons, and they will follow their usual school timetable. Where a lesson is not delivered on TEAMS, work will be set on Firefly and students will be given a timetable explaining the type of learning they will receive for every day. Attendance for all online lessons is mandatory and we appreciate your support in ensuring this happens. Students will need to register with their form tutors daily and check firefly for instructions

Please see the dates below where your child is expected to remain at home and be taught online.

Year 8
Thursday 12th, Friday 13th, Monday 16th, Tuesday 17th

Year 10
Thursday 12th, Friday 13th

Year 9
Wednesday 18th, Thursday 19th, Friday 20th

Years 7, 11, 12 and 13 are expected to attend school every day.
All year groups are expected to attend school on 23rd November.

We intend to open to all year groups following this, but as this is an ongoing situation, we are having to respond to on a day to day basis; our priority is the safety and well-being of everyone in our care.

Your child will have received all the information they will need to be able to access their learning online, however if there are any issues then please contact the school office. We ask that you ensure that your child attends all online lessons each days and registers with their form tutor online.

I hope that we are able to return to teaching face to face for all year groups on 23rd November 2020.

Thank you for your continued support,

Kind regards,

J Sweeney

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