Aston Manor Academy Delivering new NPQ Qualifications

We are proud to announce that Aston Manor Academy and Holyhead School is part of the NPQ consortium of schools in partnership with the Alliance of Leading Learning in 2018-19. We have been accredited to deliver the gold standard NPQML and NPQSL training programme through our experienced facilitators and tailored approach that is specifically designed to meet individual leadership needs.

Presently, there are funded places and scholarships available for category 5 & 6 schools (Sandwell, Wolverhampton, Walsall, Coventry, Nuneaton and Bedworth). This means that you can train your middle leaders for FREE. Without a doubt, this is a  fantastic opportunity to develop some of your strongest staff by providing a high quality CPD programme that is linked with an accredited qualification. This training is available here at Holyhead School and we have a limited number of places still available. We are within easy reach from your school and have the expertise to move your leaders forward.

In order for aspiring and serving senior leaders to receive their qualification, they will need to lead an improvement project across their school, lasting at least two terms, to reduce variation in pupil progress and attainment and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of teaching. Once again a ‘win-win’ situation for staff within your school. The NPQML is aimed at aspiring and existing middle leaders, with the project focussing on improvement within their department or phase. The NPQSL is aimed at aspiring and existing experienced middle leaders, with the project focussing on improvement whole school.

Please follow the instructions on this flyer to register your aspiring leaders or click on the link



Many thanks,


Neil Turner                                       Sadash Banger

(Deputy Headteacher)                   (Associate Vice Principal)

Aston Manor Academy                  Holyhead School