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This is a place for former students to leave comments about their time at Aston Manor

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Jenny Smallman

So much to say...I was a member of the class of 82 & loved my time there. There is something special about aston manor and this shows in the testimonials of former students and staff who, to this day, keep in touch with each other and share reunions which unearth new stories each and every time.


Previous name Harsha C Solanki

I went to Aston Manor 1971-1977. I have very fond memories. The Teachers and Students were all wonderful

I now live in California, U.S.A. and heard about the 50th Reunion. I would have loved to be able to attend this and meet former students and teachers.

I came across my autograph book from Aston Manor and would like to mention my former teachers and headmaster. A big shout out to you all and Thank You. You really all make a difference in someones future.

My Headmaster was J.A.Findley
Beryl D was the secretary

Other teachers:

Mike Nicholls
Pat Baxter
Gerald Dawson
Shiam Sharma
Clive Wighthall
S.Alan Neal
Pete J
E. Power
W Evans
Mike Francis
Mike Nicholls
Bob Cunningham
Harry Fidder
E Gillard
Edwin Rees
W.F. Dawson
Mr Dooling
Gerry Garfield
Peter Simpson
Patricia Ellis
Margaret Croucher

Hope everyone has fun at the reunion.

I will check back and hope to find some great pictures.

Thank you.

Nadir Choudhury

Hey people...this is nadir (Abir's brother), I loved loved loved my days @ AMA, currently in construction down in London and I'll be forever thankful to the teachers who inspired me to work on a construction site, particularly Sharon the careers lady

Munir Awan

I attended Aston Manor School from September 1969 (first opening) to 1973. I was head boy in my final year. I have very fond memories of my time at the school.
If there are any reunion groups for that period, can you please let me know.

Khurrum Sheikh

Had some real fun memories from my time at school. Was there between 1991-1996

Mohib Uddin

Hello there people, I was part of the class of '04 and thoroughly enjoyed my time at AMS, I particularly liked the big caretaker (you know which one I'm on about) and really miss red head. Missing the good ol' days although my year group were a very rowdy bunch :-)

Tracy Brandy

Hello to all
Class of 1988 yep it's been a longtime. I'm searching for school pictures or even a class list of students its 30years since I've been to the school.

Rebecca Richardson

I was one of the students that helped out with the garden across from the library, I'm guessing the school has changed so much since I left.

megan balmond


Leeanne Walker

Aston manor was my saviour. I had so many issues going on within my life and this incredible school helped me get through so much, they gave me the attention and support I required, alot of the staff have impacted my life and contributed to the person I am today. I'd love to be able to say thanks to this school as all the teachers had an open ear.