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Tracy Brandy

Hello to all
Class of 1988 yep it's been a longtime. I'm searching for school pictures or even a class list of students its 30years since I've been to the school.

Rebecca Richardson

I was one of the students that helped out with the garden across from the library, I'm guessing the school has changed so much since I left.

megan balmond


Leeanne Walker

Aston manor was my saviour. I had so many issues going on within my life and this incredible school helped me get through so much, they gave me the attention and support I required, alot of the staff have impacted my life and contributed to the person I am today. I'd love to be able to say thanks to this school as all the teachers had an open ear.


I am in second year of college now and i loved my time at aston manor.I wish to see aston manor grow more amasing.My little sister who is in 7a love it there too.Aston manor is a wonderful school and it will get even better.

Megan Balmond

I love Aston Manor Academy because it's one of my most favorite school to be in and I'm enjoying the school I love all the teachers there AMAZING in every way I love being at Aston Manor Academy thank to all the teachers that are helping me get to where i need to be in with my grades THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH X

Alex youlden

Aston manor was an emotional roller coaster with many ups and downs. I had some really tough times at school but with the guidance and support from many teachers I was able to come over those problems and leave school with brilliant grades. I owe a lot to the school. This is why I went back and did some work experience with them to give something back for the support they gave me.

Rubie Shahid

Congratulations Mrs Roberts on your retirement which is well deserved. A big congratulations on your success with Aston Manor!

Thank you for a solid and inspiring start to my teaching career which I absolutely love!

Student GTP Teacher (Rubie) 2006

Fahmida Khanom

During my time at Aston manor it was absolutely amazing, I could have not asked for a better secondary school and sixthform. I would especially like to thank all the amazing teachers who have taught me they were incredible in terms of the friendliness, teaching and support. I always wish I could go back and do it again and I always talk about my memories about this school. Thank you Aston manor for everything and where I am now it's been a pleasure to be part of this school and I will definitely recommend this school.

Rebecca Hume

I was part of the class of 2008, and I can honestly say I loved every moment of my time at Aston Manor. It was because of the support of my teachers that I managed to get the good grades that I did. I was sorry to leave at the end of my time there, and if they had the sixth form when I finished school, I would have stayed on :)