Please see letters below regarding COVID-19 Guidance and our actions taken as a school.

Education Secretary writes to parents about vaccinations for 12 to 15 year olds – The Education Hub

COVID Testing Documents

Asymptomatic Testing In Schools & Colleges – Public FAQs


Mass testing consent

Privacy notice

Other Letters

Letter to self-isolate 20th April (6th form)

Whole School Letter on T & L 8.01.21 (1)

Whole School Letter 05.01.21

Whole school letter 04.01.21

January 2021 change of start dates and mass testing

letter for sixth form christmas finish 11.12.20

Y9 sent home letter 10.12.20

whole school letter 08.12.20

Whole school letter 26.11.20

Whole school letter 17.11.20

Letter to parents November 2020

Whole school letter inform to of case 09.11.20

Information for parents and carers about going back to schools, nurseries and colleges

Whole school letter October 21.10.20 JSW

Letter to self-isolate 20th October Y10 close contact

Letter to self-isolate 19th Oct close contact Law group

Whole school closure letter due to COVID 19.10.20

Letter to self-isolate 19th Oct close contact Maths group

Letter to self-isolate 19th Oct close contact Biology and Maths

Whole school letter 18.10.2020 3 cases

Whole school letter 16.10.2020

Whole school letter 28.09.20

Whole School Letter 24.09.20

Letter public complaint 23.09.20

Y11 return to school letter 22.09.20

Whole School Letter 21.09.20

Covid-19 Students Sent Home Letter 21.09.20

Public Health England Covid-19 Advice

Quick reference guide for parents on Covid-19 related pupil absence