Expectations for Learning

Our Steps To Success

BE READY – arrive on time with the required equipment and in full uniform.  Listen carefully and follow instructions.

BE POSITIVE – Show positive attitude.  Be creative, independent and reflective.  Work with others positively.  Be prepared to take on challenges.

BE RESPONSIBLE – Value all learning.  Contribute to school life and help others.  Always do your best.

BE RESPECTUL – Respect yourself.  Show respect to others and respect your surroundings.

Our system for Positive Discipline for Learning is based on our steps to success which are intended to be fairly and consistently applied in a supportive manner in all classrooms.  Staff will need to assess pupils’ ATTITUDE (involving behaviour, work and co-operation) in each lesson.  Children who do well will receive a commendation stamp which needs to be valued by pupils, parents and teachers as evidence of achievement.  We intend, therefore that the pupil’s planner becomes an effective, detailed, daily communication with each parent of each child.

Teaching staff need to identify pupil targets at the beginning of each lesson and remind pupils of these as appropriate, so that expectations are met and commendation stamps achieved.

If pupils fail to demonstrate the necessary attitude, then the appropriate consequence will apply.