Letters To Parents (2016 - 2019)

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03rd May 2019

Ramadan & Price Change for School Meals

10th April 2019

Message from WMP: Section 60 & Weapon Possession

8th April 2019

Key Dates

8th March 2019
Student Safety

15th February 2019

Parent Forum/Coffee Morning, Uniform Expectations & Key Dates

23rd January 2019

Year 11 Raising Standards Evening and Session 6

18th December 2018

Christmas – Reminder from West Midlands Police

04th December 2018

Diabetes Day & Key Dates

03rd December 2018

Year 11 Parents Evening

29th November 2018

AMA Pest Control

28th November 2018

Pest Control

16th May 2018
Changes to the school day (Thursdays only)

21st December 2017

End of Year / Christmas Break

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  • Bengali Translation

9th November 2017
Awards Evening

19th September 2017
General Notices

  • Bengali Translation