Year 7/8 Girls Football vs Nishkam (League) Match Report

AMA (2) Nishkam A (6)
AMA (0) Nishkam (2)

Commiserations to the AMA girls football team who were defeated by Nishkam A and B team away on Tuesday 2nd February. This was the team’s second game of the season and although they were beaten, the AMA girls put on a strong performance throughout!

Within the first game against Nishkam A, Aston Manor girls started off strong, with great switching play between Alia Bogle and Ambra Zeqo to try and split the heart of Niskams defence. Unfortunately it was the quick feet of Nishkams centre forward who slotted in the first and second goals into the top corner leading Nishkam with 2-0. Mariam Begum and Rukia Begum made some great tackles to prevent Nishkams centre forwards gaining another scoring advantage, their sheer grit and determination made it difficult for Nishkam to find the back of the net. Unfortunately, Nishkam did make a breakthrough in the second half scoring some fantastic goals, well done to Alia Bogle for scoring two goals for AMA.

Within the second game against Nishkam B, Aston Manor starting strong, with Afsana Choudhury and Aroosa Khan replacing Alia Bogle and Ambra Zeqo providing Aston Manor girls with further support at the back, Aroosa Khan made some great blocks and regained possession for AMA, providing some great balls for Anne Marie Woodward to run onto. Yet again, it was the strong defensive play from Nishkam School which prevented some great scoring opportunities from AMA girls! Well done to Zahra Sultana who made some brilliant saves during the second game to keep the score at 2-0!

Miss Pawar is extremely proud of her girls and looks forward to the next game!

Player Ratings out of 10
Ambra Zeqo (C) = 7/10
Alia Bogle (LM) = 8/10
Mariam Begum (CB) = 9/10
Rukia Begum (RB) = 7/10
Afsana Begum (RB) = 7/10
Aroosa Khan (CB) = 8/10
Zahra Sultana (GK) = 7/10

Player of the Match: Mariam Begum (CB)

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