Statutory Policies

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Equitas – SEN and Disability Policy (Mar 2021)
Equitas – Whole school pay policy (Mar 2021)
AMA – Accident – Incident Investigation Policy
AMA – Admissions and Appeals Policy
AMA – Blended Learning Policy 
AMA – BTEC Assessment and Academic Appeals Procedure
AMA – BTEC Procedures for Assessment and Internal Verification Policy
AMA – BTEC Plagiarism Policy
AMA – BTEC Registration & Certification Policy
AMA – CEIAG Policy
AMA – (Exams) Access Arrangement Policy
AMA – (Exams) Candidate Identification Procedure
AMA – (Exams) Complaints and Appeals form
AMA – (Exams) Complaints and Appeals Procedure
AMA – (Exams) Contingency Policy
AMA – (Exams) Emergency Evacuation Policy
AMA – (Exams) Equalities Policy
AMA – (Exams) Escalation Process
AMA – (Exams) Internal Appeals Form
AMA – (Exams) Internal Appeals Procedure (Internal Assessment Decisions)
AMA – (Exams) Internal Appeals Procedure (Review of Results and Appeals)
AMA – (Exams) Non-Examination Assessment ~Policy
AMA – (Exams) Word Processor Policy
AMA – Provider Access Policy
AMA – Relationship Sex Education Policy (Oct 2020)
AMA – SEN Local Offer
AMA – Vocational Registration and Certification Policy and Procedures (Dec 2020)
Equitas – Accounting Policy
Equitas – Allegations of Abuse against Staff Policy
Equitas – Anti-Bullying Policy
Equitas – Anti-Bullying and Harassment against Staff Policy
Equitas – Anti-Fraud Policy
Equitas – Asbestos Policy and Code of Practice
Equitas – Asthma Policy
Equitas – Attendance and Register of Pupils Policy

Equitas – Behaviour and Pupil Discipline Policy (Jan 2022)
Equitas – Blended Learning Policy (Dec 2020)
Equitas – Capability Policy
Equitas – Care and Control Policy
Equitas – CCTV Policy
Equitas – Charging and Remissions Policy
Equitas – Children in Care Policy
Equitas – Code of Conduct for Employees (July 2018)
Equitas – Code of Conduct for Trust Board (Sept 2021)
Equitas – Complaints Procedure
Equitas – Competitive Tendering Policy
Equitas – Conflict of Interest Policy
Equitas – Data Protection Policy for Data Subjects Oct 2020
Equitas – Debt Recovery Policy
Equitas – DfE Privacy Notice for Covid Testing Nov 2021
Equitas – Disciplinary Procedure (Jan 2021)
Equitas – Educational Visits and Learning Outside the Classroom Policy
Equitas – Equalities Policy
Equitas – Equalities Policy & Disabilities Accessibility Plan
Equitas – First Aid Policy
Equitas – Fixed Asset & Depreciation Policy
Equitas – Flexible Working Policy
Equitas – Fraud Policy
Equitas – Freedom of Information Policy
Equitas – General Data Protection Regulation Policy
Equitas – Gifts and Hospitality Policy
Equitas – Grievance Procedure
Equitas – Health and Safety
Equitas – Health and Safety Statement of Intent
Equitas – Home Visits Policy
Equitas – ICT Internet Email and Social Media Policy
Equitas – Investment Policy
Equitas – Intimate Care and Bodily Fluid Policy
Equitas – Leave of Absence Policy
Equitas – LGPS Policy
Equitas – Maternity paternity adoption parental leave SPL Policy
Equitas – Minutes of Trust Board Meetings Policy
Equitas – No Platform Policy
Equitas – Parental Conduct Policy
Equitas – Performance Management Policy
Equitas – Premises Management Policy Oct 2022
Equitas – Preventing Extremism and Radicalisation Policy
Equitas – Privacy Notice Pupils Parents Carers Nov 2021
Equitas – Privacy Notice Staff (Sept 2021)
Equitas – Privacy Notice Visitors Nov 2021
Equitas – Privacy Notice Applicants Nov 2021
Equitas – Probationary Policy
Equitas – Procurement Policy
Equitas – Providing Remote Education Information To Parents – January 2021
Equitas – PSHE Policy
Equitas – Record Management Policy
Equitas – Recruitment and Selection Policy for employees and volunteers
Equitas – Redundancy Policy
Equitas – Risk Assessment Policy
Equitas – Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy (updated Sept 2021)
Equitas – SEN and Disability Policy (Mar 2021)
Equitas – Sickness Absence Policy (May 2021)
Equitas – Smoke-Free Policy
Equitas – Staff Behaviour (Code of Conduct) Policy (Mar 2021)
Equitas – Stress Management Policy
Equitas – Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Policy
Equitas – Trust Board Expenses Policy
Equitas – Vocational Procedures for Assessment Internal Verification Policy (Dec 2020)
Equitas – Volunteer Code of Conduct Policy
Equitas – Weapons Policy
Equitas – Whistleblowing Policy (Mar 2021)
Equitas – Whole School Pay Policy (Mar 2021)
Equitas – Young Carers Policy

Student Safety
Aston Manor Academy is committed to keeping our students safe, both in school and the wider community.  As part of our safeguarding arrangements, we have a two-way information sharing agreement in place with West Midlands Police.  The agreement is compliant with Crime & Disorder Act 1998 (s.115) and Data Protection Act 1998(s.29.3; s.35.2.), and focuses on preventing young people from becoming involved or further involved in crime and anti-social behavior as a victim or offender.  If you have any queries about the partnership policy, please contact Sandra Coleman, Assistant Headteacher or Jill Sweeney, Headteacher on 0121 359 8108

Statutory Documents
AMA – Pupil Premium Strategy 2020 – 2021
SEND Information Report July 2020
Year 7 – Literacy & Numeracy Catch Up Premium
Post 16 Tuition fund