• Ircile Mavinga

    year 12

    “Aston Manor has made me the person I am today. They have provided so many opportunities and helped me to focus on where I want to be.

    While the last few years have been stressful, particularly during Covid-19, the teachers have been amazing. Lessons online were challenging, but the staff went above and beyond to ensure we were on track to achieve the best outcome and results.

    I have just finished my GCSEs and am now starting A-levels in biology, chemistry and psychology at Aston Manor Academy sixth form.”

  • Jayden Ramsay

    year 11

    “I chose Aston Manor because my siblings came here. They always said good things about the school, so it was an obvious choice.

    The staff at AMA are really supportive and friendly. You always feel you can ask for help if you need it.

    My passion is music and my ambition is to study music after sixth form.”

  • Sammike Johnson

    Year 11

    “What I really like about AMA is that you feel really supported. Staff are always on-hand to help and advice.

    I’m definitely staying on to sixth form at Aston Manor. The staff here all know me and all my friends are here.

    Another factor for me is the opportunity to play football. Aston Manor are really serious about sport. My ambition is to be a professional footballer. “

  • Elvinos Jonutis

    Year 11

    “The teachers here have helped me a lot. They challenge me in whatever I do to make sure I get the best grades I can.

    I’m not sure what I want to do as a career, but I’ve decided to stay on for sixth form at Aston Manor. I feel comfortable and happy here, so why would I go anywhere else. “

  • Varshni Ganesh

    Year 11

    “From the moment I started at Aston Manor Academy, I felt welcomed.

    The staff are really supportive and friendly. You can tell they just want the best for all pupils.

    The lessons are very interactive, which makes them more interesting and you listen and pay attention.

    I will stay on for sixth form. The school achieves amazing GCSE and A level results.”

  • Zulaika Imran

    Year 11

    “My cousin came here and recommended Aston Manor to me.

    The teachers are inspiring and motivating.

    I hope to stay on at sixth form and then progress to university and possibly consider teaching as a future career.”


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