Positive Discipline for Learning

Aston Manor’s system of Positive Discipline for Learning was introduced in September 1995 and is reviewed year on year, it is the cornerstone of our behaviour and learning policy. Over time this has been developed to become our Expectations for learning, ensuring that the behaviour and learning of our students remains outstanding, as the two are inextricable linked to the progress that students make. The system ensures that there is daily communication with parents through the school planner and that we work closely with parents, families and our local community to support students.  We promote learning skills as part of our expectations for learning and students are rewarded for displaying positive learning behaviours.

Aston Manor Academy Expectations for learning are designed to encourage pupils to contribute to class activities and become more engaged in the process of learning meaning that students are active learners in the classroom and a disciplined atmosphere in the classroom is maintained.

Positive relationships between students and staff are underpinned by our expectations for learning, allowing for meaningful discussions and restorative practice to take place.  Students are confident in the system and low level disruption is lessons is rare, allowing for quality teaching and learning to take place in a supportive atmosphere.   The support we receive from parents is fundamental to supporting their child’s learning as lesson by lesson feedback is provided on a daily basis.

We develop our policy on a regular basis taking into consideration the feedback from all stakeholders.  We continue to strive for our students to be the very best that they can be and exhibit high quality learning behaviours.  We provide the platform for students to work independently, be successful in their future studies and be prepared for future employment.

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