Positive Discipline for Learning

Aston Manor’s system of Positive Discipline for Learning was introduced in September 1995.  It arose out of Staff’s concerns that the learning atmosphere in classrooms was often unsuitable for children to make appropriate progress and that levels of attainment were therefore often affected.  Inappropriate behaviour by individual pupils was identified as a major factor in affecting the quality of teaching and learning.

In response to this major concern, and in an effort to raise the levels of pupils’ achievements in the classroom, staff in communication with School Governors, Pupils and Parents developed our six “Rules for the Classroom”, which describe a clear expectation of pupils’ conduct which will allow teachers to teach and pupils to learn with a minimum of distraction and disruption.  In 2003 our 4 “Expectations for Learning” replaced the “Rules for the classroom”.

After consulting with pupils and staff in 2011 we have reviewed our expectations and they have now become our ‘Steps to Success’.  These ‘Steps to Success’ are designed to encourage pupils to contribute to class activities and become more engaged in the process of learning whilst maintaining a disciplined atmosphere in the classroom.

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