Student Council

The student council has always supported charities such as Children in Need, Disaster Campaigns, as well as Midlands Air Ambulance. The latest adopted charity is Children with Cancer, and we are trying to raise money for that at the moment.

The School Council sees this as an important part of its role as the health and welfare of others less fortunate than ourselves should be something that we can support. The Student Council also sees itself as an “action group” that gets things done in the school. They are particularly proud of the work they have done in improving the environment of the school. They have lobbied the school on toilets that have now been vastly improved. The playground has been resurfaced to the standards they suggested. There are now more activities at break and lunch, including more table tennis equipment. They have asked for new lockers for the students, and they have been provided. The Council always keep a watchful eye on the canteen to see what can be improved. The Student council have had a hand in choosing colour schemes for the building and school uniform and badges. They have even discussed ways in which lessons can be improved. They interview new staff and put forward their opinions. As you can see the Student Council will do everything in its power to support change for the better at Aston Manor Academy.

The Student Council meets every month to discuss the ideas pupils want to express, please click on the minutes below to view what we have discussed.