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Curriculum Rationale in: Business

At Aston Manor Academy our school ethos of “All Different, All Equal, All Achieving” sits at the heart of the business studies curriculum that we offer. No matter the starting point of our learners – we aim to equip them with the skills, knowledge and individual confidence to make a profound impact as global citizens within their community.

The business studies and enterprise focused content provides learners with a deep and meaningful bank of knowledge, as to the role of business in job and wealth creation. It prioritises the development of transferable skills which will prepare students for the demands of further study and employment, once their journey at the academy ends. In Applied Law and Financial Studies, students are also given the chance to develop foundational knowledge on: the rule of law; democracy and the economic principles which underpin a free and open society.

For students studying business, the skills they will develop include the ability to:

  • Understand key business functions such as marketing, human resources, information management, accounting and finance and operations in their wider organisational and social context
  • Manage own financial budgets
  • Use ICT to research, identify and present information
  • Communicate effectively, clearly and accurately with others
  • Draw together, analyse and critically evaluate information
  • Understand the nature of leadership skills and behaviours within organisations
  • Manage time and take on responsibility for your own development.

 KS3 Curriculum:

The Year 9 Key Stage 3 Business Studies curriculum centres on fostering a love for the subject content – where all learners are provided with an equal opportunity to secure the base level knowledge and skillset, which serve as a springboard for achievement on the various academic and vocational pathways we offer at KS4/5.

Across two terms, students experience aspects of the BTEC and GCSE specifications, with the aim of building subject specific literacy, oracy and numerical skills – which can be applied with confidence to a business and enterprise context. All learners will be supported to harness the independent, collaborative and creative learning opportunities available, as they embark on their journey as future entrepreneurs and leaders of industry.

 KS4 Curriculum:

At Aston Manor Academy, we offer two pathways for our students:

Edexcel GCSE Business 9-1

Students study this course based on their assessment results from year 9. Students who performed well in exams are categorised to study GCSE Business as the assessment is 100% examination. There are 2 units and both exams make up 50% of the qualification. Students can progress onto studying A-Level or BTEC at Level 3.

BTEC Tech Award in Enterprise.

Students study this course based on their assessment results from year 9. Students who performed well in the written assessment and not so much in exam are categorised to study Tech Award. The course is made up of 3 components. Components 1 and 2 are written coursework, 60% of the qualification and component 3 is an exam and comprises of 40% of the whole qualification. Students can progress onto studying A-Level or BTEC at Level 3.

KS5 Curriculum:

As one of the most popular departments in the Sixth Form, we offer a range of courses to meet the needs of our learners. All courses offer strong opportunities for progression to either university or apprenticeships. Below are the courses offered at Level 3:

  1. NQF BTEC L3 National Diploma in Business
  2. NQF BTEC L3 Extended Certificate in Business
  3. NQF BTEC L3 Extended Certificate in Applied Law
  4. Level 3 3 Diploma in Financial studies
  • Variations of units enables students to decide on their career pathway/ university- apprenticeships / establishing networking. (International Business is a unit for Level 3 and can be studied as a full-time course at university)
  • LIBF- sets up for the demands of financial work and teaches students personal life skills that are useful for life after 6th Form.

Click the link below to download our curriculum delivery overview for Business:

Curriculum Overview – Business