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Curriculum Rationale in: Mathematics

KS3 Curriculum:

Our 2-year KS3 builds on basic skills taught in KS2 to ensure the foundations are present to support students’ deeper learning of the national curriculum.

  • Every fortnight, a basic skills test is embedded into the calendar to support students’ arithmetic and basic knowledge of various topics. The main part of the lessons involves problem solving and deeper investigative tasks which are designed to engage students.
  • Every year, the students follow a pathway to ensure they make good progress. Progress is checked regularly through class assessments at the end of each topic.
  • Functional tasks are also embedded into schemes of work to ensure that students can see the application of mathematics in the real-life context. An example of this would be working out the best tariff for a mobile phone, taking into account the length of contract, data allowance and free calls.

Y9 Curriculum:

The first term of Year 9 focuses on transition from KS3 into KS4. Units focus on ensuring all students are starting from an equal position in terms of the knowledge they have acquired and the skills they have developed.

  • In Year 9, students start elements of the GCSE course, whereby they are extending their knowledge and incorporating exam questions to ensure that practice is present from the start of the course.
  • Students continue to build on their basic skills every fortnight and are introduced to a Higher, Intermediate or Foundation Pathway.

KS4 Curriculum:

  • In Year 10/11, students follow either a Foundation or Higher Pathway. The students follow the Edexcel exam board.
  • Both exam boards set 3 papers: 2 calculator and one non-calculator.
  • It is important for the students to know the mathematical formulae as it is not provided in exams.

KS5 Curriculum:

  • At KS5, students wither follow the A level pathway or they are entered for GCSE Re-sit.
  • Students are given the opportunity to re-sit the Maths GCSE if they have not achieved a grade 4. This will follow the one year OCR pathway and the students are assessed regularly to ensure they are making progress.
  • Students on the A level pathway follow the linear specification over 2 years.

To support their children, parents can:

  1. Encourage students to attend all additional tuition and revision sessions;
  2. Encourage students to revise at home using the revision guide provided and additional resources available from FireFly;
  3. Ensure students have their own scientific calculator (required for the examination and all lessons). We recommend the ‘Casio FX 83 GT Plus’ because it has a fraction button that is required for the exam;
  4. If your child has a tutor or attends a tuition centre, you can share revision topics (provided by school) to ensure they support your child with effective intervention;
  5. ensure students have plenty of sleep the night before their mock and final examinations to ensure they do their best on the day.

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