Curriculum Rationale In: MFL

Whatever your chosen career path or interests, learning a language will provide you with valuable cultural and linguistic understanding and knowledge and can open up opportunities for working abroad. Studying a language can also improve your ability to communicate in your own language and help you to understanding how your own language works. It is also great fun. A foreign language is sought after by many employers and is a requirement of a number of university courses. You do not have to be fluent in a language for it to help you in your career. GCSE French/ Spanish lessons bring the French/Spanish language to life as you apply your learning to real life scenarios and study the culture and history of France/ Spain and other French/ Spanish speaking communities. This makes French/ Spanish a perfect choice if you enjoy learning and speaking French/ Spanish and learning about the French/ Spanish culture.

KS3 Overview:

All students in Year 7 study French and Spanish. During the year, they progress from learning at a basic level how to introduce themselves, to being able to have a longer conversation about themselves, their family, friends, pets and their interests. They will also be able to describe their home and say where they live and talk about the subjects they are studying and give opinions. Students make excellent progression throughout the year; we use software packages to enhance learning and provide authentic listening materials. Students learn to talk about their daily routine, out of school activities, learn how to plan a visit to the cinema and how to shop for groceries. Students also learn how to use the immediate future tense through talking about the subjects they study and their future jobs and careers. The accurate use of verbs is an integral and important element of the syllabus. Building on the progression made in Year 7, students continue to improve and more importantly to be able to work independently. As well as using software packages to enhance learning and provide authentic listening materials, grammar becomes a key element and students end the year with a grammar-based topic in the present and future tenses on holidays.

Year 9 Overview:

Students learn about Paris and its famous landmarks describing a visit to Paris using past, present and future tenses. A lot of time is spent on the formation and use of past tenses. The course is very rigorous and involves incorporating the present, past and future tenses simultaneously, to mirror GCSE tasks. Towards the end of the year, we look at the language of menus and begin a GCSE module on healthy and unhealthy eating and the consequences of both.

KS4 Overview:

The Edexcel specification consists of 4 modules:
• Lifestyle
• Leisure
• Home and Environment
• Work and Education

Course expectations – you will be expected to:
• cope with a greater degree of unpredictability
• deal with a widening range of potential problems
• understand, and use more accurately, a widening range of vocabulary and structures, including some unfamiliar language
• understand issues and opinions
• discuss issues and give opinions
• give full descriptions and accounts

The full specification detailing all the exam requirements and assessment procedures together with examples of past papers can be downloaded from the Pearson Edexcel website 

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