Music at Aston Manor School aims to develop aesthetic sensitivity and creative ability in all pupils.

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The study of music as a foundation subject provides for the progressive development of:

  • skills in movement, vocal skills, and in aural imagery, acquired through exploring and organising sounds
  • awareness and appreciation of organised sound patterns
  • sensitive, analytical and critical responses to music
  • the capacity to express ideas, thoughts and feelings through music
  • awareness and understanding of traditions, idioms and musical styles from a variety of different cultures, times and places
  • the experience of fulfilment which derives from striving for the highest possible artistic and technical standards.

The aim of the Music Department at Aston Manor Academy is to make music:

Enjoyable                  To develop a sensitive response to sound in general and   a life-long   enjoyment of music of all kinds, both as a listener and a participant

To think about musical ideas

To use music as a creative stimulus

Creative                    To develop pupils’ self-expression

To develop the capacity to understand and express ideas and feelings through the medium of sound

Social /Moral                       Singing together creates bonds

To develop the ability to work constructively as a     member of a group using skills of leadership, discussion, negotiation   and the blending of different peoples’ ideas


To develop an awareness of musical heritage, traditions and developments in a variety of cultures and societies

Cross-Curricular      To help language development and literacy

 To develop a feel for patterns and numeracy

To provide a vehicle for learning certain subjects or to enhance other subjects e.g. language, history, art, drama etc.

Music contributes to acts of worship

Aesthetic                  Because music helps pupils to understand the way their feelings work and to develop an insight into areas of experience, some of which cannot be verbalised easily



Head of Music          Mrs L Derrick

Teacher                     Mr R Prince

We have 10 visiting specialist teachers:

  • Deci4 – Studio Club / Saturday Beatz Club
  • Ashley Russel – Glee Club
  • Denise Bryan – Gospel Choir
  • Shamus Denver – Drum Kit / Pop Band
  • Stephon Phillip – Steel Band
  • Meena Kumari – Dhol / Dhol Band / Djembe Group
  • Rob Jones – Violin / String Group
  • Gemma Mills – Singing / Choir
  • Tom Reed – Guitar / Ukulele Band
  • Andy Bunting – Keyboard

KS3 Music is taught in year 7 & 8 and the course is designed to be rewarding and enjoyable to students of all musical abilities and previous experience. The curriculum is project based and students are encouraged to sing, play acoustic instruments and use sophisticated music technology to develop their skills and appreciation of all kinds of music.

KS4 students go on to study Music BTEC. This vocational course develops students’ range of relevant practical and technical skills whilst exploring music as an industry. This qualification provides students with opportunity to explore music product development and events management and to apply their knowledge in new and practical industry-related contexts.

Key Stage 3 Course Information

Key Stage 4 Course Information