Welcome to the PE department at Aston Manor Academy

Curriculum Rationale In: Physical Education

Key Stage 3:

The range of activities we include within the curriculum at Key Stage 3 cover sports such as Basketball, Football, Netball, Handball, Rounder’s and Cricket. Students are challenged through aesthetic activities such as Gymnastics and Dance. We also deliver Athletics and Health Related Fitness so students have an opportunity to challenge themselves individually.

Students are assessed in their first few lessons within Handball. The PE department will then use their professional judgements to place the student into a class which that will suit their needs for continued progress. Students are assessed using criteria that will determine their progress over their future years at Aston Manor. Students are assessed through four key areas Skill, Application, Quality of Movement and Coachability. This criteria will be used for every activity with the sim that students will progress from Emerging > Developing > Secure > Accomplished.

Year 9:

In Year 9 students have a choice as to whether they would like to choose PE as a further option. This will enable students to have up to five additional lessons over two weeks (in addition to the four hours for Core PE) in practical and theoretical based lessons. If students opt to choose PE as a pathway they will study a ‘Components of Fitness’ module of which will be taught both practically and theoretically, here the PE department will use their professional judgement as to which course the student would be better suited based on practical and theoretical formal assessments.

GCSE Physical Education:

Examination Board – AQA

60% Theory, 40% Practical Assessment

Paper 1 – Applied Anatomy and Physiology, Movement Analysis, Physical Training, Use of Data

Paper 2 – Sport Psychology, Socio-cultural Influences, Health, Fitness and Wellbeing, Use of Data

Practical – Assessment takes place in the form of 3 sports, 1 individual, 1 team and 1 from either format

Sports Studies:

Examination Board – OCR

25% Examination, 75% Coursework/Practical Assessment

Practical – Developing Sports Skills, the assessment is based upon 4 areas. Skill development in an individual sport, skill development in a team sport, development of officiating and supporting improvement in practical performance.

Examination – 1 hour paper on Contemporary issues in Sport, issues affecting participation in sport, the role of sport in promoting values, the importance of hosting major events and the role of NGBs.

Coursework – Sports Leadership and Outdoor Education, Sports leadership will involve being able to plan, deliver and evaluate a sports activity session. Outdoor Education provides students with the opportunity to develop their orienteering skills in a national park.

Key Stage 4 Core:

At Aston Manor, the PE department aim to offer a wide range of physical activities and sports across the academic year. Although we continue to offer a breadth of sports and activities covered in Key Stage 3, we add opportunities for students to learn key skills in activities such as Trampolining, Tennis and Tag Rugby. In Years 10 and 11 we allow the students to have the opportunity to create a personalised curriculum individual to their interests or passions within sport and exercise. Students have a variety of options open to them which they must commit to for a half term before they must change activities and re-opt.

Click the link below to download our content delivery overview for PE:

Curriculum Overview – PE


PE Department

Mr Brown (Director of Sport)

Sporting Specialism: Basketball


Miss Pawar (Head of PE Department)

Sporting Specialism: Football


Ms Reed (Second in Department)

Sporting Specialism: Netball


Mr Connell (Teacher of PE / Duke of Edinburgh Co-ordinator)


Mr Prince (Teacher of PE / Head of Year 9)

Sporting Specialism: Basketball

Mrs Sweeney (Teacher of PE / Headteacher)

Sporting Specialism: Netball


Mrs Lander (Teacher of PE / Deputy Headteacher)
Sporting Specialism: Netball


Mr Preston (Teacher of PE / Assistant Headteacher)

Sporting Specialism: Football