The RE department at Aston Manor School is a very successful department with excellent exam results.  

The RE department at Aston Manor School is a very successful department with excellent exam results.  

As a department we strive to provide a rigorous, challenging, good quality syllabus that enables children to learn about themselves, developing their self-esteem through exploring religion and the big questions of life.

RE at Aston Manor School helps children to enjoy and achieve throughout KS3, 4 and 5.  We provide students with enjoyable lessons and cater for students who have different preferred ways of learning.  E.g. role-play, art, puzzles, presentations, research, discussions, videos, meditation, music and visits.

R.E professionals are committed to engaging and motivating students in lessons.  We have four R.E specialists in the department

Miss Ashraf – (Head of Religious Education)

Mrs Akhtar (Teacher RE)


RE at Aston Manor School provides students with the opportunity to develop an appreciation of the world around them, to consider beauty and sews the seeds for possible future spiritual awareness.

What students have said

Children say they enjoy RE because it gives them space to talk, think, discuss, assess and reflect on a wide range of issues in a safe environment.  They appreciate learning about a variety of people holding different perspectives and opinions. Pupils learn the importance of being able to get on with those whose viewpoints and values differ from their own.  They see the value of RE in equipping them to deal with issues arising not just in school or college, but in their neighbourhood and future workplace.

“I am not religious, but this GCSE has been really interesting.   We’ve looked at two religions and have been encouraged to be critical of each of them”

“The subject is taught in a very exciting and up to date way”

“The visits and speakers were really interesting”

From your knowledge of religious traditions, you will gain a better understanding of world events.   You will also develop a tolerance towards others that will be a key skill for the rest of your life

 How will I be taught?

You will be taught by departmental specialists in the study of religion.   The Department makes great use of ICT, power-point, interactive learning, internet, visits to places of worship and guests speakers from various religious communities.  Teacher-led class discussion/debate is also a key feature of the course.  Assessments take place after each unit.    After-school revision sessions are offered in the run up to examinations.


RE can help:

  • Promote respect for self and  others
  • Contribute to an understanding of history and culture
  • Enhance our understanding of global affairs
  • Develop personal well-being and happiness
  • Safeguard ethical standards in public life
  • Generate social and community cohesion
  • Tackle extremism and religious discrimination

RE KS3, 4 & 5 Curriculum Overview