Social Science

The Social Science Department at Aston Manor Academy is the only department that focuses and works with 6th Form students. It offers a curriculum that has a holistic approach to supporting the development of all its students. Our department encourages the development of Literacy skills and ensures all students of all levels are fully supported. Our department offers a curriculum which is broad and balanced with both academic and vocational routes to allow students to enhance their personal skills and interests.

The department consists of established teachers whose prime goal is to optimize student’s learning through placement experiences, developing knowledge, understanding, application, problem solving and decision making skills. Our aim is to encourage students to take responsibility for their own learning through early independent studying skills that can help them in later study. We encourage and support all our students to increase their interests in their chosen field through realistic and meaningful pathways that suit their strengths.

Health and Social Care KS5 Curriculum
Childcare and Education KS5 Curriculum
Sociology and Psychology KS5 Curriculum