Introduction & Approach

At Aston Manor Academy our aim is to encourage our students to develop their knowledge and understanding of Personal, Social, Health and Economic matters. In addition to this, our ethos is to support students in making informed decisions that will enable them to become happy, healthy and positive citizens.

The RSHE programme at Aston Manor Academy is delivered through use of Jigsaw. The approach starts from the assumption that young people want to know this information and are keen to have the opportunity to explore it and their own thoughts and feelings about it in a safe environment. Jigsaw expects student engagement and takes an inclusive and mature approach to the subject.

We do not skirt around the issues young people need to know about in order to keep themselves safe and make well-informed choices. Some issues could be considered sensitive, so our teachers ensure they understand the needs of our students and are vigilant to signs of anyone needing pastoral support should any of the lessons be particularly pertinent or raw for anyone.

The Jigsaw Charter, a set of ground rules, is established at the beginning of the programme and reinforced at the beginning of every lesson to help create and maintain a safe learning environment.