Mindfulness In Jigsaw

In Jigsaw lessons there is a short mindfulness practice at the beginning of each lesson. Mindfulness practice engenders quieter minds that are more able to focus, concentrate and learn.

Growing the ability to be mindful as much of the time as possible is considered to be a great asset. Being mindful means being aware of what your mind is focusing on at any given moment either externally or internally. The mindfulness practice in Jigsaw builds the ability to observe thoughts and feelings as they arise, giving students the opportunity to ‘press pause’ and make choices as to how they respond. Do they allow the thought-story to continue with its likely consequences, or do they redirect their thoughts for a more positive outcome? Do they allow their feelings to continue/escalate or intervene and regulate these? Being able to do this enables chosen responses rather than reactions; self-regulation is empowering and essential to relationship building.