Apprenticeships are available to anyone aged 16 and over. They combine work and learning.  You may undertake a block of learning at the beginning of the Apprenticeship or you may attend college one day per week. AMA students can begin an Apprenticeship at the end of Year 11 and the end of Year 13.

When you are applying for an apprenticeship you may need information, guidance and support.

Students at AMA can discuss apprenticeships with the school Careers Advisor to establish a pathway and successful application.

An apprenticeship provides you with training in your chosen sector and an understanding of the workplace and the chance to develop work related skills and knowledge, and you get paid. Apprenticeships usually last between one and five years depending on their level. The levels available are:

  • Intermediate (Level 2)
  • Advanced (Level 3)
  • Higher and degree (Levels 4-7)

You begin at an Intermediate level apprenticeship if it’s in a brand new industry/sector even if you have previously studied at level 3 in sixth form, this is because you will need to learn and develop brand new skills.?

All apprenticeships are advertised on the National Apprenticeship website, and you can search by distance from home and sector.

For more information, advice and guidance about apprenticeships please follow the links below, or book a meeting speak to Mrs Hughes in the Library.

We also work with ASK apprenticeships and have information assemblies and workshops to help you to apply and to get you interview reaApprenticeship Advice: – Information about apprenticeships, what you can study, how to apply, who offers apprenticeships and more. – Information about apprenticeships. – Government website with information and vacancy search

Apprenticeships: Hints and Tips for Parents and Carers

Apprenticeships have changed a huge amount in the past few years, and now offer access to more than 1500 different job roles, ranging from intermediate level through to degree apprenticeships.